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Can Exploitation ever be a Good Thing?

In the last OneThingology Blog post, we talked about Step ZERO, or determining our Goal. Having already covered the first of the five step process in the two articles prior, finding or identifying the constraint, today we will look at step 2, Exploit the Constraint. For context, lets review our Five Steps one more time…

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Effective Estimating that leads to Bullet Proof Proposals SEMINAR

I will be doing a 2 hour session on Estimating at IWF 2018, and I highly recommend you attend. For those that have been through the True32 Training Workshop, and are Certified True32 Custom Cabinetry Manufacturers, you know more about how I ran my business than anyone under the sun, but you don’t know one…

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Multi-User Versions and Networking

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about multi-user versions and networking (or accessing from multiple locations). So let’s spend a little time discussing both topics. Let’s deal with accessing Custom Cabinet Estimator from multiple locations first (that has been the most common question so far). If you do not need multiple people accessing Custom Cabinet…

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Good judgment comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgment.

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Bobbo Buckley

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Bobbo Buckley

With over 30 years as an EntrepreNerd (I am easily seduced by technology) and having owned multiple businesses, I have developed a unique skill set (which does not include bow hunting or being able to track you down and kill you with my bare hands), that includes IT and Tech Support along with some pretty mean skills in Identifying, Elevating and Breaking Constraints.

Bobbo Buckley

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